We are very happy to announce, that CEMEA Nord-Pas de Calais, has joint the consortium in 06/2020.
The project will vastly benefit form their expertise in the field of working with and educating migrants in various contexts. CEMEA’s wide national and international network of partners will be a great asset for raising awareness for the topic of migrants in the care sector and to promote the project outcomes.

As a movement for popular education and new education, CEMEA is a recognized an officially-recognised French non-profit organisation, complementary to School, which trains educational and social actors in the fields of professional training and lifelong learning.
CEMEA is authorized, approved and/or subsidized by the French Education Ministry, the Ministry of Youth and Community Life, the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Health, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Culture and Communication.
CEMEA has concrete ambitions to build a society which is fairer, more united, and more equal, with an approach that emphasizes education and emancipation, founded on values that are centered around progressive education, and enabling individuals to achieve their potential through active teaching methods.
As a movement of new education, CEMEA works for progressive education to complement the public school system and offers an ideal setting for meetings and exchanges, working groups that research and share professional practices, with many teaching resources available (activity sheets, books, films, CDs and websites).
The staff of CEMEA NPDC is made up of 28 salaried trainers, 102 active members who contribute to training actions and our decision-making bodies (15 members at the Board of Directors and 3 members at the Management Team). 1500 trainees per year receive a training in Socio Cultural Animation at CEMEA NPDC.
We have different fields of activity, all dedicated to training and education:

  • Mental Health
  • Training for non-professional youth workers
  • Socio-cultural animation work (professional degrees)
  • With and in the school community actions
  • Media, critical education and civic participation
  • Culture: No education without culture
    CEMEA Nord Pas De Calais is located in the city center of Lille (North of France), the “capital” of our Region Hauts-de-France.
    For more than 10 years, CEMEA NPDC has been involved in European projects.
    The European and International Department :
    Since 2018, CEMEA NPDC has been Erasmus developers.
    For 2 years, it has been coordinating the “Ready to move” platform for mobility in their region (Hauts de France) : https://www.ready-to-move.fr/. “Ready to move” is a network of expert actors around information, training and support towards mobility.
    Cemea NPDC coordinates the Network of the NN Route (OFAJ : Franco-German Youth office), made of associations promoting youth exchanges between the regions Hauts-de-France and North Rhine-Westphalia : http://routenn.org/
    The European and International Department coordinates 2 Erasmus Programs (K102) among consortia (IMPACTNORD 1 and 2) we have built with Vocational schools and training organizations. We have answered the last call for projects in February 2020, also as a consortium : IMPACTNORD-3.
    All employees at CEMEA are trained in a European dimension and are proposed to make an international experience (training abroad, youth exchanges, welcoming incoming mobilities, preparation and/or support for trainees in mobility…).

CEMEA Nord-Pas de Calais
11 rue Ernest Deconynck
59000 Lille