The inaugural international meeting of the European project: “MIGRANTS IN CARE” has taken place at the Zaragoza Activa facilities, past 15th-16th of November.

In this sense, the activity of assistance to the elderly requires support related to the evaluation of knowledge/skills obtained from (non) formal or experimental learning situations in their countries of origin and the learning of skills and competencies related to the care of These older people with a European standard.
Through active transnational cooperation, the MIGRANTS CARE project will develop, in this context and for these reasons, innovative educational material and accompanying supporting documents for transfer to other VET organizations, companies in the care sector for the elderly and initiatives that support Migrants in their integration. The partners of the three countries, that is, Germany, Austria and Spain, provide the necessary experience to access the target groups of this project (migrants/refugees, education stakeholders, VET providers, NGOs and other initiatives that work for immigrants or refugees).

The meeting has been very interesting and all the partners have participated according to the previous minutes:

– Introduction of Partners.
– Introduction to contents of Project.
– Pre-defined contents of App (50h)
– Project Management and Monitoring.
– Quality Management and Risk Management.
– Dissemination and Exploitation.
– Designing app.
– Discussion.
– Results.
– Evaluation of the Meeting.
– Project Finances and Administration Requirements.
– End of the session.

See you in Vienna next year!!!